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    šveicariška dantų implantų kokybė. Ją garantuojame visam gyvenimui ir visame pasaulyje.

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  • Dantų protezavimas kompensuojamas ligonių kasų!

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  • Becoming our clinic patient – initial dental consultation free of charge

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  • Prosthetics opportunities for various types of removable and fixed prosthetics!

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About us

A tooth is a sculpture carved by nature. Let’s learn to safeguard it. The cohesive team of our doctors will help you in that endeavor. The team consists of young odontologists, who have completed their respective resident trainings, internships in foreign universities and clinics and accumulated a wealth of experience in clinical work. These specialists already share their own experience by giving seminars and training specialists. The team also has odontologists with over 20 years of experience, who constantly develop their qualification and deepen their knowledge in seminars in Lithuania and during apprenticeship tours in Europe.
The Odontology Clinic has computerized odontology equipment made in Japan. It also has state-of-the-art digital X-ray diagnostic equipment. Only modern odontological materials meeting the highest requirements are used in the Clinic. All treatment procedures are conducted in strict conformity to aseptic and antiseptic requirements. Use of high-quality anesthetics ensures painless treatment and prosthesis of teeth.
Constant improvement and use of the latest methods allows for the odontologists working in the Clinic to solve all your odontological problems.
The Clinic has a cozy atmosphere filled with exceptional attention of doctors to patients. For visitors accompanying our patients and children there is an Odontology Museum established in the Clinic.

We offer a fast and pleasant service as well as high quality of work for each of our patients!


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Treatment can be covered by these insurecnes: