Prophylaxis and mouth hygiene


Good oral hygiene is the best preventive measure for tooth decay and gum and periodontal diseases.

During the procedure your oral hygienist evaluates your tooth and gum condition, any lesions and their causes. Later on the teeth are thoroughly cleaned and checked for decay, your oral hygienists explains how to brush teeth properly, recommends dental care products, including mouthrinses, and assigns the next visit.

It is recommended to perform professional oral hygiene at least every 6 months.

During this procedure:

  • soft and hard plaque is removed to prevent diseases by bacteria in the plaque;
  • therapeutic materials are applied;
  • if needed, fillings are adjusted, teeth and fillings are polished;
  • cosmetic fillings are polished;
  • cervical tooth areas are treated for hypersensitivity;
  • state of fillings and prostheses is assessed;
  • periodontal condition evaluated;
  • personal oral care is assessed;
  • personal oral hygiene is taught, oral hygienist recommends appropriate hygiene measures (dental floss, toothpicks, interdental brushes, etc.) and explains the role of a healthy diet.

The specialists of our clinic is does the oral hygiene with Kavo Prophy Pearls.